Pay What You Save™ Program

                     Private and Public Corporations are facing increasing challenges in the current economic climate. Balancing a relatively finite revenue stream against the increasing cost of services that are demanded by clients and shareholders is a complex task. Corporations are concerned about the state of infrastructure, but are left with few feasible alternatives to deliver the services required at a manageable cost. In many cases, this means that installation of energy saving equipment, that will pay significant dividends in the future, is postponed. This results in companies losing the potential savings over the long term because of current economic constraints.  


                     In the case of lighting systems, many private and public corporations have considered removing or disabling lighting assets in order to lower costs, which raises concerns about safety.  The cost of traditional lighting systems is a significant portion of everyday energy budgets, in some cases exceeding 60 per cent. The cost of electricity is not the only factor. Maintenance costs also represent a sizeable portion of the cost of managing a lighting system whether it be highbays or fluorescent troffers. Peak power rate increases are also becoming an ever-worrying trend for larger complexes.   LED-based lighting is a proven technology, with demonstrated energy savings and a life expectancy of four to five times that of conventional technologies such as high-pressure sodium. LED bulbs and fixtures deliver up to 80 per cent energy savings, and offer up to a 10 year design life.


                     Western Commercial Lighting created the Pay What You Save™ Program as the financial engine for projects from $150,000 to $1,500,000 in order for our clients to reap the rewards of switching to LED today and using the immediate cost savings to assist in paying down the initial investment. This program is focused towards Hotels, Restaurants, Rental Apartments, Parking Garages, Car Dealerships, Strip Malls, and Large Scale Industrial/Commercial Clients & Municipalities. This model is geared towards 18 to 60 month payment periods while utilizing approved operational budgets.  The Key with this program is to allow management and maintenance operators to take advantage of there already approved budgets from head offices to switch to LED lighting quickly and easily. making internal approvals swift and simple. 

  • Simple Credit Application for Entire Corporation with 72 Hour Approval Process
  • Complete Care Warranty Program covering Labor & Parts for Term of Funding
  • 100% Coverage of Fixtures and Labor Cost with Zero Down on Approval
  • Dedicated Account Manager for Entire Process with 24/7 Emergency Project Support
  • Competitive Labor Quoting Process from at least 3 Qualified Local Electrical Firms
  • Fully Documented Reporting including Detailed Energy Audit
  • Local Access to all Rebates within North America Reducing Project Cost
  • Simple Addition to Monthly Utility Bill with Qualified Vendors