Company Overview

                         Western Commercial Lighting (WCL) is a North American managed firm  that  specializes  in  modern  LED  (Light  Emitting  Diode)  bulbs,  luminaries  and  energy auditing  services.  We  carry  the  largest  private  LED  product  line  in  the  Western  Hemisphere while at the same time being able to provide custom solutions for residential, commercial and industrial customers.   WCL has positioned itself to provide free energy auditing services that help our customers build strong business cases that show the benefits of our cost effective and power efficient LED solutions. The team at WCL is able to drive and sustain the LED lighting industry to new heights of understanding and adoption.


                         Western Commercial Lighting was founded with the mission of helping clients in “Lighting a Greener Path™”.  Light is essential to modern life; it allows us to live our lives to our own rhythms and keeps us happy. LED lighting has inaugurated a revolution of more interaction, new form factors and innovative control systems that lead to a completely new quality of light.


                         Through our vast network of factories throughout North America and Asia, we have designed and  developed  an  array  of  different  LED  products  that  comply  with  CSA  &  cUL  Group standards.  WCL  employs  a  dedicated  sales  &  electrical  team  that  is  available  to  provide technical support and consultation services to our clients from the pre-design phase all the way through to project completion. WCL is a turnkey LED Solution provider.


                         The benefits of LED’s are undeniable. They are extremely energy efficient, which results in significantly lower operational cost and a reduced carbon foot print from day one of install. These factors allow us to help our clients in “Lighting a Greener Path™”.  Western Commercial Lighting works in tandem with the Plant a Billion Trees initiative which is an internationally recognized charity that has planted over 15 million trees around the globe. We contribute every year by donating a portion of our revenue to this worthy endeavor. WCL is proud to work with many local and national distributors, as well as direct sales to contractors, property owners/managers, EPCM’s, EPC’s and municipal government corporations across North America.